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Prepared Motherhood

Mission:  The mission of Prepared Motherhood is to empower the body, heart, and mind of expectant and post-partum women.

Vision:  The promotion of healthy families, mothers, and babies through education and assistance in the areas of Childbirth Education, Fitness Training, Lactation Services, and Heart Saver Classes.


About Us

Owner of Prepared Motherhood

Yolanda has been a nurse for over 30 years; an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) in NYC for 6 years and a RN (Registered Nurse) for 26 years. She has experience in both NYC and Central Florida in the areas of Maternity, Psychiatry and Fitness Training for Women. Yolanda saw the need for mothers and families to receive these services in a safe, centralized location. As a result, Prepared Motherhood was born.

Prepared Motherhood is designed for mothers and families throughout all stages of pregnancy and beyond.  Prepared Motherhood understands that it takes a range of knowledge, personal confidence, and preparation to succeed in this journey called “motherhood”.  Pregnancy is only the beginning.  As you prepare your body, heart, and mind for this journey, you will be empowered to succeed through the services offered by Prepared Motherhood.