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Testimonials: Video


Since day one, I’ve been assisting mothers and their babies. I’ve worked with  so many wonderful parents. Take a look at my clients list below.



Yolanda isn't just a lactation consultant that has encouraged me and given advice to keep pumping, but also is a caring person that I was able to lean on, pray with and laugh with.


Kandy C

Yolanda is literally heaven sent! No mom is ever prepared to go into labor early or spend months in the NICU, but when you have people who are genuinely loving and caring like Ms. Yolanda, it makes things a little easier to handle. From girl talk with tea and cookies, to postnatal yoga and assisted pumping sessions. She even helped me with a mini-pump session AFTER I was discharged the day I returned with my son for an appointment! She's amazing and everyone needs someone like her in their lives.



Yolanda is an amazing person. When I was struggling with breastfeeding my daughter, she didn't hesitate to give me a call after hours to help me, encourage me and guide me through the beginning stages of our journey. We are now 2 months in and I am so grateful to have Yolanda as my friend, but a part of our team!

Cyd Valle.jpeg

Cyd V

Where should I begin?! Words stay short. Since the day I met Yolanda one evening in an ER visit with my 2 weeks old newborn, our trajectory has been but of lots of learning and support. The unconditional support and love for her patients is of admire. As a first time mom and unbeknownst to all that entails breastfeeding, yet with a great desire of doing it despite the challenges and the lack of support I had, she offered her hand. We are one week from being 10 months of exclusively breastfeeding my baby and counting. She calls me to check on us and every time she has a chance and im in the hospital, she takes time out of her agenda to come see us. Yolanda and the heart in which she puts in being an amazing Lactation Consultant has been of great inspiration to me. Before I met her I had seen two other lactation consultants but things were different with Yolanda. I myself have been able to also share the support to another breastfeeding mom and pass along all of her lessons. My baby and I are beyond grateful for the work and love she has done.


Megan Q

I had an emergency C-section due to a placental abruption.  My son was deprived of oxygen and was diagnosed with Neonatal Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE).  He was immediately transferred to Nemours Childrens Hospital the same day to undergo treatment.  Trying to breastfeed was very important to me and being separated from him before I was even able to hold him was devastating.  The nurses at the hospital I was in helped me to pump, but I was clueless when it came to breastfeeding and what I should be doing while separated from him.  About four days after he was born I was able to make the trip to Nemours to be with him.  My son lost some of his natural born instincts due to being deprived of oxygen and going through his treatment, so he had forgotten how to suck.  After a few days, when he was using a bottle successfully, I was told that I could try breastfeeding.  My son and I were both clueless and became frustrated during our first attempts.  One of the nurses told me that before the next feeding, we would call in Yolanda Sterling, the lactation consultant.  One visit from her and my son latched immediately and nursed like a champ.  Yolanda was so patient and kind and really made me feel at ease.  She provided me with a folder of information and left me with her contact information if I was to ever need any help or advice.  Before my son was released, she stopped by again to check on us and to see how nursing was going.  We have since stayed in touch.  I contact her with questions and concerns from time to time and she is always quick to respond.  She has helped me through some really tough times during my breastfeeding journey and I will forever be grateful for her help, knowledge and encouragement.  She’s amazing!



I had the pleasure to meet Yolanda while my daughter was in the NICU. I will be forever grateful for her help and eagerness to make things happen. She helped me obtain a breast bump through the insurance and encouraged me to breastfeed my baby shortly after my baby started bottle feeding. She is professional, knowledgeable and caring. Yolanda filled my days with joy and hope by sharing stories of faith on my darkest days


Alicia B

My experience with Yolanda Sterling was extremely positive. My daughter and I were in the NICU for 111 days in 2021. Needless to say her life was an extremely rough start. I interacted with a lactation consultant at the hospital my baby was born at. She brought me equipment and told me to pump every 3 hours. Impersonal and not very supportive or educational. When we were transferred to another hospital for care the former hospital couldn't provide, I met Yolanda. She came to see me almost everyday. We talked about breastfeeding and how it is the most wonderful thing a woman can do for her baby. She helped me with the breastpump and addressed my concerns about not making a lot of milk. She was emotionally supportive as well when I was having difficult NICU days. Yolanda is a master at her craft. If you are having difficulty she will have the solution. She highly recommended Mothers Milk tea to help increase milk production. She helped me with clogged ducts. Yolanda kept every appointment we had and was usually early. Not only is she an expert, but her overall aura is amazing! She is strong, interesting, caring, hillarious and postive. I highly recommend Yolanda for anything related to feeding your baby!


Jennifer R

I have had the pleasure of working with Yolanda for the past year.  As a Dietitian, we help strategize to ensure the infants get adequate nutrition.  This can be difficult when infants have problems breastfeeding.  This is when a lactation consultant comes to the rescue.  Yolanda is a huge part of the team.  I have personally witnessed her working all hours of the day to help mothers not only learn different techniques to breastfeed their baby, but to encourage and educate mothers on the beautiful bond between the mother and her baby.  It is very evident how much she loves helping these mothers.  Yolanda will go to great lengths to make sure these mothers are set up for success to breastfeed their baby.  She is a wealth of knowledge, friendly, caring and has the best interest of her patients.  Yolanda has many mothers that she still follows many years later of being a lactation consultant.  This shows her compassion and dedication.  I am so glad that as a Dietitian that Yolanda and I work very closely to have the best outcomes for our patients.

Client 8

Katie W

As a first time mom I knew less than nothing about all the trials and adventures that occur in fast succession with a newborn.   I had met the lactation nurses in the hospital and had no idea that profession even existed. While in the hospital with my newborn son all went well and smooth and then you bring your baby home.
   You are on your own and “guessing” you know what you’re doing. I had been given direction and we did our best . But in the first or second nigh with my boy we ran into some issues with nursing. We were up all night with him, constant crying, could not get him to latch properly and and this had gone into the next day.  I was beginning to really worry about the baby. He was inconsolable and we could not figure out what else to do. So late in the evening I called the lactation consultants and thanks to emotion and hormones I broke down on the phone with the nurse. This was Yolanda Sterling and to this day I say she was a hero to me. I felt I was failing, I couldn’t feed my boy or make or calm him. And all the emotions are just all over right after all the events told the first few days.
      Yolanda was so comforting and so genuinely concerned for my well being and the baby’s it made everything just seem like it was going to be ok. We had an early doctor appointment in the morning and she set me up with a private meeting after that. Her coaching and calm demeanor as well as expertise gave me a calm and a confidence.  I continued going to several hosted workshops and group support for nursing moms hosted by Yolanda and her team at the hospital. 
     Thanks to these wonderful empowering women we got it all figured out. Turned out my son had a latching issue and with a little pediatric speech therapy, patients and persistence he has grown fast and strong. These women who help new moms give them support and tools to get through one of the toughest moments in a parents life are unsung heroes.   Yolanda is one of the heroes and words cannot express my gratitude enough for what she did  for me and what she does for all women!
       This is a resource all moms need to know about an support. Knowing that you are not alone, you are not a bad mom and that you and your baby are learning together. Lean on these resources and find support in each other.

Eric Manco.JPG

Erica M

I am a mom of the most incredible twin boys! I gave birth to than at 35 weeks and 5 days due to pre eclampsia on an emergency c-section. It was at 05/28/2021, Memorial Day weekend. I for separated from my babies right after birth. They stayed 6 days in the NICU. During my pregnancy I study and research about pretty much everything. I always wanted to breastfeed my babies, but I never set up high expectations on it because so many testimonials of other women and the fact from being two babies. Then my delivery was nothing like I expected. And the most traumatic moment of my life was being in the hospital with put my babies. Then come home without my babies. Everything seemed empty and wrong. Because all the trauma, earlier delivery and lack of contact with my babies, my milk didn’t come right away. It was so frustrating when I was trying to pump at the hospital and nothing was coming out. I needed my babies! My babies knew formula and pacifier first than they knew me. Then I got discharged few days later from the hospital, and I meet Yolanda by phone. She encouraged me to keep trying breastfeeding. We talked in the phone for few days before we finally met. In the day we met, she helped me putting both of my babies to launch at the same time for our first time. It was a memorable moment! I will always cherish it! Since then my babies never got another sip of formula. Since that day, Yolanda became part of my village and support! She is a great resource and a dear to keep around! And today we are here three months strong (and counting)…

Testimonials: Clients
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